When I was asked to do some pictures for Bridalize Denver, I was thrilled.  I knew it would be fun but who knew the day would be SUPER fun!  We needed a little motivation to start the day.  Bloody Mary’s were a necessity!

Bloody Mary's a la wine glasses

Bloody Mary's a la Wine glasses!

First things First, right?

Then between clients, vendors, and customers we were able to have some great fun and get some great pictures along the way.

Charlies Angels...New & Improved

We had so much fun with these pictures.  It was hard to wrangle the big dorks in to being serious but that’s why I love them!  Serious is just not them…not then anyway!


Well ok they got Serious for a bit…

ooo the lights...

OMH! We were having too much fun and loving it. Really?

The Girls of Bridalize!

So many businesses get all caught up in the need for serious.. fooy on that I say!  These women at Bridalize are professional and get the job done under all circumstances.  Who wants to work with a bunch of stiffs?  Not me. I love that they can let their hair down and be real! BRAVO!

Chic Mustache's rock!

No double chins here.

They were all for sure they had double chins… nope not a one! Silly Sista’s.

Bridalize is where getting to I Do gets done!  This premier wedding planning boutique is so much fun and packed full of information and the best talent in Denver.  In-store or online you can search their exclusive collection of the regions top bridal vendors.  At their store at the Village hops at Landmark, you can also shop their selection of wedding accessories and stationary.  All services are complimentary and personal.  One stop shopping for the wedding of your dreams.  Jessica, Shauna, and Emily will help you with any and all of your wedding questions, and you’ll have a little fun along the way!  They are a super team!


A Tasting at The Villa Parker

The Villa all dressed up.

It was so good to spend time with some of the preferred partners of The Villa Parker!  It’s nice to be in a casual relaxed environment with vendors that all love the business of LOVE!  Weddings are so fun to be involved in.  It is such a privilege to be asked into a circle of trust by a Bride and Groom. What an honor for you to stand out above all the rest and be invited to be a part of a couples big.  That is the goal of The Villa Parker…the stand out above the rest, along with their preferred partners, making each special day truly SPECIAL!

Incredible Music!

enRoute is a super live music duo that is sure to please all walks!  I enjoyed them so much, I can’t wait to hear them again.

Sunset at The Villa

E’s wall is not to be missed at sunset.  The skies are captivating and romantic. If I could put a link to this sky HERE. I would. But you will just need to go to The Villa & experience it yourself. AAHHH!


Need I say more?

The Papery Willow

It was great catching up with Babs, she makes hand-made custom invitations. The Papery Willow is super!

The Food Guy

WOW! Dinner was yummy. My favorite was the “LIVE” lettuce. The Food Guy served table-side and it was delish!

Statice Floral

Yippee! It looks like spring for real…snowing today but at this tasting Statice Floral made it springy.

As Coloradans we needed that, Thank You!

And if there ever was a great example of my tag line LOVE…EXPOSED!  This couple was rockin it!


These 2 were so fun and real. It was so easy to see why they are in love… they exude it!

It was so nice to see Dr. Chris West from Parker Aesthetics!  He provides superior product and customer care in his Parker office.  He meets your needs from Botox to Blinc!  If you haven’t tried either…you’re missin out!  Blinc is a super hero mascara and has wedding day staying power!  Most of you know about Botox but there is still some fear.  Dr. Chris West will consult with you to determine if it is indeed right for you. You can reach him at 303-805-2273 .

AND…I finally got to meet Mike and Summer with Rising Moon Video!  Wow!  Can these people get any nicer?  I don’t think so.  I look forward to working with them in the future. Talk about  really down to earh people who produce out of this world video!  Gotta book now for like… 2020, and yes they are THAT good!

If I’m forgetting anyone, I’m SORRY! Really…I think this will be my first real post with links and all. I have procrastinated long enough with this blogging stuff. Look out Blog world cuz I have a lot to say.

Good job guys! Successful tasting.  WELL DONE MOLLY!

Off to bed, my hubby, Chip, has heart surgery tomorrow and I am being reminded every day why we fell in love.  I can’t wait to see his recovering smile after surgery and he has a fixed ticker.  I am becoming more and more thankful for finding “the one” and being blessed with our 2 kiddos.  Family is really what it is all about, LOVE.  Full circle why I love to see people in love and expressing it on the biggest day of their life!  To many more years loving love!

Big Hug!


Villa Parker

I really am going to start blogging 3x weekly. BUT…am getting a new website and streamlining some other things right now and when they are done then I will be a blogging fool. I have so many good topics to start writing about. But for now…one of my favorite pictures. Not to mention 2 of my favorite people, Joe and Erika of The Villa Parker. I was their wedding photographer this summer. Paige Eden and I had a blast shooting for them.

The most wonderful florist!

I met Arthur at Babylon the other day and I was blown away! His mind is just a fantastic show. He has such a great artistic mind for floral design. His arrangements are more art that they are a bouquet. (OK maybe not so much the rose orbs but whatever) He has a calendar out that will blow you away. Please go to his website and see his work and support his business in all your floral needs. I know I will

One Fine Day

I will learn how to teach all of you how to RSS to this site so you will know every time that it is updated. And have I said just how much I love my mac!

Project Word 3

PW is off to another exciting start. This time Megan and I wanted a location that was a little out of the ordinary and boy howdy did we get it…frozen lake! Our kids were so patient. I will be posting some photos very soon of PW 1, 2 & 3. We are excited to start telling the world about this fun project we have been working on. Keep checking back and I’ll do better at updating this blog. It is so hard to get in the habit of blogging all the time.
Essence Imagery has had some very exciting things come to fruition in the past few days and I am so charged I can barely contain myself. But I’ll have to until I get all of the firmed up details. WOW you will be so loving the great thing a comin my way.

Aspens in the fall


I’m SO Jazzed!

I just got published for the first time!  I am so excited that I am a part of the Vila Parker experience.  That place is so cool and to be able to have one of my images showing it off, WOW!  I will say that if you ever have a need for a venue that hosts the best people and the most old world feel…go here.  The place speaks for itself and the people…well they own the place and that speaks volumes.  Go check it out.

I am super proud to be a part of such a unique and quality establishment.  This photo was taken after a days worth of shooting with this bride.  We had a fun day that paid off with super images.

Villa Parker Tub

Visit them at